For sale powder coating plant (used) built in 2014, actually consisting of two combined systems, one automatic and one static manual with motorized advancement of the pieces, having these general characteristics:

Piece shape size:

800 B x 4500 L x 2300 H (automatic system)
1000 B x 9000 L x 3200 H (manual system)

Conveyor feed: step by step
Production rate: 8 bars / hour
Bar flow:

400 kg automatic system
1000 kg manual plant

The plant is composed of:

a) N ° 01 Three-stage pretreatment cell made of AISI 304 stainless steel, equipped with doors

b) N ° 01 Drying oven with doors

c) No. 01 Powder painting booth combined with the automatic system, made of sheet metal, for manual painting, with cyclone and cartridge filter

d) Powder application system consisting of:

N ° 01 manual gun brand GEMA

e) N ° 01 Curing oven with doors, with the static oven side by side for large pieces

f) Two-box box type overhead air conveyor, with accumulation in the oven, having these characteristics:

Biplanar chain development about 110 m
N ° 12 workpiece bars, capacity 400 kg each
N ° 06 exchanges for accumulation of bars in the polymerization oven
N ° 01 electro-pneumatic weighing machine pieces during washing
N ° 01 motorized monorail transfer for manual line pieces handling

g) Carpentry and air carrier support beams

h) No. 01 General electrical control panel with PLC.

Area occupied by the plant: 23 x 35 m.

The plant is currently free and viewable by agreement.

The plant looks very good and has an excellent quality / price ratio. (see photo)

NB plant with high profitability






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